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Premium Users
Source Cities 1 City 3 Cities
Target Cities 1 Country or 50 Cities 1 Continent or 500 Cities
Target kind of Actros 1 Target Actor 2 Target Actors
Ads Position 1º Position if they participate Banners - Fix spaces
Interaction Comment, Follow, Trade, Alliance Comment, Follow, Trade, Alliance, Including 3º, Barter
Networking Other users, Public, Collaborators if they participe. Other users, Public, Sylodium collaborators doing real the virtual business



(see prices below)

Apart the big difference in each ad, much more number of target selections per ad.

The advantages are: 


From local to global, from big business to small amounts. Any product or service.

Via barter you will reach new business realities.

2.- BANNER, 

Segmentation + Multiplication.

The Streamlining.

UNIQUE by countries, cities, and actors

and  categories and products.

Our Unique global SEO supposes unique networkings.

Just imagine you are in Luxury Tourism business in New Zealand (Auckland)

and you want to atract South African tourists, for example from Cape Town.

If you hire our Premium User’s plan,

In the crossing

Auckland (NZ) – Cape Town (SA) we will add the key word, Tourism Luxury, in our URL, and in the metas (what Google takes in account), so is as you were the owner of this crossing for Google,

Any searching related, will reach your ad.

Via Banner, general public will see you and reach you.


Leverage your business


The Networking of Sylodium’s users.

They will reach you by themselves, and they will reach you via our automatic proposals to them.

Continuing with the previous example about Auckland - Cape Town, luxury tourism,

People in Luxury tourism will see you

People interested in business between SA and NZ, Auckland and Cape Town, and vice versa, will see you.

And all these ones are related in different matters to another ones, in these one to another ones, emerging many kind of webs inside the big SYlodium web.


Take advantage of our Sylodium's collaborators network around the world so your "virtual business ad" will success in "real life".

You can hire our collaborators in order to sell what you want to sell in other countries.

Via both networkings

Users and Collaborators

other businessmen will reach you and contact you.

Prices (GDP PPP per capita)

Price (GDP PPP per capita)

The Price of the pack of services is a fee in proportion to the GDP per capita or each country (PPP per capita)

An example on countries and their monthly payout,

(These prices don't include the hiring of any concrete service of our collaborators to do reality the virtual business in their country)

A Qatari company would pay $106 monthly

Swiss $46

Spanish $30

Mexican $15

Chinese $9

Indian $4

Sierra Leonean $1

Quarterly payment of 10% savings.

Annual payment of 20% savings.

This Price proportion, may not be considered a fair Price.

The fair Price is considered when we provide the situation.


When in proportion, richest countries pay much more than poorest countries.

Therefore, every $500 of a Swiss company, a Sub-Saharan African company pays just $1.

We’ll arrive there, of course.

The price that we consider as appropriate and reasonable in this "our starting" would be the Price we have established for Nordic countries, about $50 per month, so a medium country in GDP per capita,  as MexicoMalaysia, or Lybia, with the Price of 15 dollars per month is getting a huge opportunity,

Imagine the good prices most African countries benefit from!!

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