EU, anti-dumping tariffs on Russia and China's steel

Russian and Chinese makers of non-stainless steel face EU tariffs as high as 26.2 percent after it found that imports from the two nations unfairly undercut producers in Europe, such as ArcelorMittal and ThyssenKrupp AG.

the Steel is used in everything from air-conditioning equipment and washing machines to cars and power lines.

EU-based manufacturers suffered “material injury” as a result of dumped imports from Russia and China, said the European Commission

The anti-dumping duties are for six months and could be prolonged for five years.

The EU is waging a campaign to ease import competition for a European steel industry struggling with sluggish domestic demand and Chinese overcapacity.

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Among Russian exporters, Novolipetsk Steel faces the maximum rate, Severstal is subject to a 25.4 percent levy and Magnitogorsk has a 19.8 percent duty.

Among Chinese exporters, Baoshan Iron & Steel and Hebei Iron & Steel each face a 14.5 percent rate, while Angang Steel is subject to a 13.8 percent duty.

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EU Relations with China

The European Union and China are two of the biggest traders in the world. China is now the EU's 2nd trading partner behind the United States and the EU is China's biggest trading partner.

At the 16th EU-China Summit held on 21 November 2013 both sides announced the launch of negotiations of a comprehensive EU-China Investment Agreement

The Agreement will provide for progressive liberalisation of investment and the elimination of restrictions for investors to each other's market.

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EU –Russia relations

In July 2009, central and eastern European leaders, including former presidents and other leaders, signed an open letter stating:

"Our hopes that relations with Russia would improve and that Moscow would finally fully accept our complete sovereignty and independence after joining NATO and the EU have not been fulfilled.

Other EU – Russian matters


The Russian exclave of Kaliningrad Oblast has, since 2004, been surrounded on land by EU members.


Russia has a significant role in the European energy sector as the largest exporter of oil and natural gas to the EU.

Siberian flights

There have been agreements on other matters such as the withdrawal of taxes on EU flights over Siberia.

Meat from Poland

a ban by Russia on Polish meat exports

2014 Russian food embargo

Russia banned European food imports in response to EU sanctions.



The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China 

Latest business news about Russia and the European Union.


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