Información sobre Canadá

Población: 33.476.688 (35th)
GDP: $1.488 trillion (13th)
GDP per cápita: $42.734 (9th)
Exportaciones: $463.100.000.000 (11th)
Importaciones: $ 469.600.000.000 (11th)
Socios: NAFTA (USA, Mexico, ..)

Mapa de Canadá


Import Export in Canada

Over the years, CANADA GRAIN has become a symbol of continued growth due to the quality of its products. We are proud to offer you a wide range of international HIGH QUALITY GRAINS. Careful selection of our grains, strict quality control and state-of-the-art…

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Cork Line by Tamposkine

Somos una fabrica especialisada en productos en corcho 100% natural, tambien utilizamos todo materiales como piel o telas. Nuestra especialidad es en los siguientes productos. agenda en corcho, cuaderno en corcho, bolsos hecho en corcho, protectores…

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fashion clothing

I am representing a clothing manufacturing company based out of Montreal. I hope our products will fit in perfectly with your stores. I feel that more and more customers are asking for Canadian Made Product and that is exactly what we offer. We have…

Industria: Textil
Bienes Personales: Ropa, Prendas de vestir
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