Países Bajos

Información sobre Países Bajos

Población: 16.847.007 (61th)
GDP: $706,9 trillion ( 23th)
GDP per cápita: $42.193 (10th)
Exportaciones: $550.200.000.000 (7th)
Importaciones: $ 514.100.000.000 (9th)

Mapa de Países Bajos

Het pakket van de laserpen

Ik ben nogal verbaasd over de kwaliteit en toepasbaarheid van deze laserpen van de online store. Op 10000 mW, is het krachtig genoeg om je blind als je kijkt naar het direct waar ik niet aan…

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Get A Chinese Marketing Website

For Exporters: Localization is Important in the process of Globalization. Instead of advertising your products on some English B2B sites in China, such as Alibaba, you need to localize your company and your products information to cater to Chinese importers…

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Marketing Services for your Business in China

We help global suppliers to market and sell goods through our Chinese B2B platform ( Currently, we have more than three hundred of business partners from all over the world. We welcome your participation.

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