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Corrugated box making machine provide box converters new levels of flexibility in print and as well as the key ability to ease the pressure on box makers’ operating costs at the lowest batch levels, compared to flexographic printing. Corrugated box making machine allows for increased value added through print on demand as well as the opportunity for converters to reduce or remove traditional costs such as origination and plate making. Corrugated box making machine suitable to paste for all kinds of sheets and corrugated cardboard with easy operation and no need experience, be fast to change carton height and width within 1 min, Min. Pasting size is 260mm, it is perfect machine for carton factory.

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Dongguang Corrugated Box Making Machinery Group


Dongguang Corrugated Box Making Machinery Group are professional trade exporter & manufacturer of corrugated box / carton making machines, supply 3/5/7 layers corrugated cardboard production line, which automaticly produces 3/5 layers corrugated cardboard. Making cardboard into box or carton, you need some machines : cardboard cutting off machine, cardboard slitter & scorer, cardboard flexo printer , carton & box flexo folder gluer or cardboard die-cutting machine.

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