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Spanish Gourmet Products

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Our TARJETA 1991 GROUP S.A Company is contacted with you because we want dialogue with the Department of International Purchases of your Company in order advance in commercial dialogue.

Our TARJETA 1991 GROUP S.A Company through our network of Countries and Associated Companies is in position to supply a various kinds of products (Also the raw materials). We export from Countries in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

We invite you to visit our informative Website where you can find the details, areas, Countries where we are and objectives of our TARJETA 1991 GROUP S.A Company.

Below we detail commercial operations values reported in the last month of the products of different categories and sectors according to the categories that our Company is able to operate(we appreciate your confirmation of reception to send the complete list of products because the following is only a selection):

Product: Mineral Water
Presentation: PET Bottle per 1.5 Lts
U$S 0.21 per unit

Product: Canola Oil (First Level International)
Presentation: Bottle per 1 Lt
U$S 1.86 per unit

Product: Rice (5% Broken)
Presentation: Bags of 50 kgs
U$S 372 per MT

Product: Wheat Flour (For Bread)
Presentation: Bags of 44 kgs
U$S 52 per MT

Product: Bovine Meat
Presentation: Compensated Cuts (all cuts)
U$S 3787 per MT

Product: Corned Beef in cans
Presentation: 525 grs
U$S 1.65 per unit

Product: Chicken Leg (Quarters)
Presentation: Box 10 kgs
U$S 1124 per ton

Product: Whole Chicken
Presentation: Box of 9 Kgs
U$S 1186 per ton

Product: Milk Powder (skimmed)
Presentation: Bags of 25 or 50 kgs
U$S 1957 per MT

Product: Butter
Presentation: 25 kgs
U$S 3531 per ton

Product: Tomato Extract
Presentation: Cans of 70 grs
U$S 0.11 per Unit

Product: Dried Pasta
Presentation: Bags of 500 grs
U$S 0.36 per Unit

Product: Wine White/Red/Rosé
Presentation: Glass Bottle per 750 ml
U$S 1.21 per Unit

Product: Banana (Fresh)
Presentation: Box of 14 kgs
U$S 7.68 per box

Product: Pineapple (Fresh)
Presentation: Box of 8 kgs
U$S 7.71 per box

Product: Mango (fresh)
Presentation: Box of 4 kgs
U$S 7.42 per box

Product: Lemon (fresh)
Presentation: Box of 15 kgs
U$S 0.92 per kg

Product: Apples (fresh)
Presentation: Box of 18 kgs
U$S 13.60 per Box

Product: Pineapple (Canned)
Presentation: Cans of 340 grs
U$S 0.67 per unit

We await your response and confirmation of reception and we keep a disposal to clarify any concern.
Kind regards.

José Lo Russo
Office: Buenos Aires, Republic of Argentina
Phone: +54 11 6379 1625
Email :
Skype: tarjeta1991

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