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International trading agent

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Accra, Lagos.
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Accra (Ghana) - Cracow (Poland)Accra (Ghana) - Angers (France)
Accra (Ghana) - Dublin (Ireland)Accra (Ghana) - Amman (Jordan)
Accra (Ghana) - Aachen (Germany)Accra (Ghana) - Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Accra (Ghana) - Bratislava (Slovakia)Accra (Ghana) - Tallinn (Estonia)
Accra (Ghana) - Al Rayyan (Qatar)Accra (Ghana) - Gothenburg (Sweden)
Accra (Ghana) - Agrinio (Greece)Accra (Ghana) - Budapest (Hungary)
Accra (Ghana) - Ahvaz (Iran)Accra (Ghana) - A Coruña (Spain)
Accra (Ghana) - Almere (Netherlands)Accra (Ghana) - La Valeta (Malta)
Accra (Ghana) - Bari (Italy)Accra (Ghana) - Zagreb (Croatia)
Accra (Ghana) - Burgas (Bulgaria)Accra (Ghana) - Kaunas (Lithuania)
Accra (Ghana) - Aden (Yemen)Accra (Ghana) - Al-Hasa (Saudi Arabia)
Accra (Ghana) - Manama (Bahrain)Accra (Ghana) - Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Accra (Ghana) - Nicosia (Cyprus)Accra (Ghana) - Alexandria (Egypt)
Accra (Ghana) - Braga (Portugal)Accra (Ghana) - Baghdad (Iraq)
Accra (Ghana) - Kabul (Afghanistan)Accra (Ghana) - Nouakchott (Mauritania)
Accra (Ghana) - Gaza (Palestinian)Accra (Ghana) - Graz (Austria)
Accra (Ghana) - Anderlecht (Belgium)Accra (Ghana) - Beirut (Lebanon)
Accra (Ghana) - Ashdod (Israel)Accra (Ghana) - Aalborg (Denmark)
Accra (Ghana) - Belfast (United Kingdom)Accra (Ghana) - Adana (Turkey)
Accra (Ghana) - Brno (Czech Republic)Accra (Ghana) - Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Accra (Ghana) - Aleppo (Halab) (Syria)Accra (Ghana) - Helsinki (Finland)
Accra (Ghana) - Kuwait city (Kuwait)Accra (Ghana) - Agadir (Morocco)
Accra (Ghana) - Muscat (Oman)Accra (Ghana) - Ariana (Tunisia)
Accra (Ghana) - Algiers (Algeria)Accra (Ghana) - Riga (Latvia)
Accra (Ghana) - Benghazi (Libya)Accra (Ghana) - Arad (Romania)

International trading agent with a wide range of agric produce from around the world for both human and industrial usage. (cotton, snail, ginger, palm kernel oil, palm kernel cake, yam flour, cocoa butter, gum Arabic, cashew nuts, charcoal, gallstone, rubber, shea butter, sesame seed, garlic, chili pepper, pure honey, shrimps and many more on customer preference demand) SCO and FCO will be sent after LOI has been received.

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