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Kangen water promotes great health.

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u may be interested in learning something about Kangen water...which Tiger Woods,Bill Gates,Warren Buffet,the Olympic Teams,Giants,Lakers,are drinking
Kangen water promotes
increased energy, wellness,long term optimal health as well as assists with longevity!


I have a message for those of u who are health conscious as well as health challenged( ailing with degenerative diseases like cancer,heart diseases,arthritis,diabetes,lupus,alzheimers etc)

Drinking kangen alkaline,ionised water of pH 8.5 / 9 or 9.5 creates an alkaline environment in your body in which disease has no place!
This is the finding of Dr OTTO WARBURG, the Austrian, the discoverer of the cause of cancer for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1931...he discovered that in an alkaline environment in the body disease cannot survive!

The Japanese have been using this innovative water technology for 38 years,with astounding health benefits.The Japanese Medical Association has approved Enagic Ionisers as medical devices.The Ionisers sit on your kitchen/office pantry counter,are connected with your Municipal faucet and they contiuously generate Kangen water for the health of your family.You no longer have to consume unhealthy tap,bottled waters and sodas which are acidic!

watch: the chicken farm experiment

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for free information on the water. delivers these amazing Ionisers to over 150 countries.

Ask me how you can get started with drinking Kangen water- the planet's No1 health product.

Regards form Kangen for your health.
Virindra Maoni
Enagic Independent Distributor
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NEW YORK: +1 6462064081

Intending Distributors register and check out the compensation plan at:

Import of Ionisers in India attracts 30 % customs duty/taxes
SD501 costs app 3.3lacs
SUPER501 costs app 4.40 lacs
DXI costs app 2.70 lacs
JR II costs app 2.3 lacs
These Ionisers have a life of 15-20 years.

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