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Me PVC Patches

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This is a red and small PVC patch, because it is shaped of word “Me”, so it named Me PVC Patches. Me PVC Patches is a trademark of a brand, it can be pasted on product by double sides tape. Me PVC Patches is designed and produced according to the customer's logo, so it is only for reference. If you want to buy some soft PVC products, you could visit online.

Customers could get information about how to make PVC patches online, you could customize PVC patches directly at our custom system, or contact our customers’ service, to tell us about your ideas. We will provide you a best produce project about your custom PVC patches.

Also individual customers could buy PVC patches no minimum at There are many exquisite and interesting products for your choice. All of our products are free of shipping and design fee.

Size: 2"

Style: PVC Patches

Attachment: No

Package: Individual Polybag

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Me PVC Patches
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