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JOKER PVC Luggage Tag

JOKER PVC Luggage Tag

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The green, small size luggage tag is JOKER PVC Luggage Tag. JOKER PVC Luggage Tag is designed by a very excellent design team. When you take it apart, it looks like a simple label; but put it all together and it's a handy little luggage tag. Baggage information can be written on a card and placed on the back of JOKER PVC Luggage Tag.

The luggage tag can not only protect our luggage, but also serve as a commercial advertisement. Give away the well-designed luggage tag with advertisement to the customer, and the customer will surely use it in daily life. This also increases the company's advertising exposure opportunities. PVC luggage tag is not only waterproof, does not fade, but also very soft, it has long service life.

Company can customize business custom PVC patches at Our company is a professional manufacturer for promotional products. And all of our products are in cheap price with discounts.

Size: 4"

Style: PVC Luggage Tag

Attachment: No

Package: Individual Polybag

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JOKER PVC Luggage TagJOKER PVC Luggage Tag
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