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Planet Name Patches

Planet Name Patches

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A planet, usually a body that does not emit light of its own, circles a star. Its revolution is often in the same direction as that of the star it orbits. Planets are called planets because their positions are not fixed in the sky, just as they walk through the stars. The heliocentric theory establishes the sun as the center of the sky, the sun doesn't move and the earth moves, so the earth replaces the sun as a planet, and the sun is classified as a star. For a short time, these moons were considered planets, and soon the planets were limited to orbiting directly around the sun, so the moon was excluded from the list of planets. Eventually, the seven planets changed into six planets. Although we cannot directly observe exoplanets through telescopes, astronomers have discovered more than 2,000 extrasolar planets through indirect means.

With the iron-on backing and laser cut border, Planet Name Patches measures 1.7 inches tall by 4 inches wide. There is no minimum for Planet Name Patches. Our Custom Patches For Hats is made extremely fancy, the color blue looks very gorgeous.

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Planet Name PatchesPlanet Name Patches
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