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Human Beatbox wristbands

Human Beatbox wristbands

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Human Beatbox is a festival of America, the three-day limited event showcased various beatbox performance styles and formats, including an open mic, rhythmical fight, and comedy from some of the main beatbox artists of United States. Human Beatbox wristbands are designed and made for this festival, these simply wristbands are took swirled color as their body color, there are at least three colors toners mixed together to achieve such camouflaged sense. Then, some performer shapes were debossed on these Human Beatbox wristbands, filled with white color, of course including the festival title “Human beatbox” as well. These swirled Human Beatbox wristbands came out a abundant visual perception to people, just like the special festival come out. No matter swirled or segmented wristbands, they are always spread out a kind of lively and jumping sense, so these swirled cheap rubber wristbands are suitable for this event perfectly. If you want to customize silicone wristbands like this, GSJJ will provide with reasonable price and excellent quality.

Custom wristbands Size: 8"*”1/2"

Thickness: 1.5mm

Style: Swirled color, debossed with one color filled wristbands

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GSJJ wristbands


GS-JJ e-commerce website is our latest venture in our effort to offer our quality products and service directly to Designer and end users. U.S.A.: Los Angeles Office address: 20829 Valley Blvd. Walnut, CA 91789 Canada: Vancouver Office address: 5280 Oakmount Crescent, Ste 402, Burnaby, BC V5H 4S1 GS-JJ is one of the largest manufacturers of promotional gifts merchandise in China, whose mission is offer their customers the best quality products at highly competitive prices and on-time delivery! Our product lines include:Lapel Pins/ Medals/ Lanyards/ Belt Buckles/ Challenge Coins / Ornaments / Embroidered Patches / Key Chains / Silicone Wristbands and MORE ......

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Human Beatbox wristbandsHuman Beatbox wristbands
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