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LFC square shape wristbands

LFC square shape wristbands

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LFC square shape wristbands are the other style made for the Liverpool Football Club after following the previous bear shape design. At this time, a square shape is adopted to the design of these LFC square shape wristbands, this square shape is also formed in the mold together with the custom silicone wristbands, at the post process, both the abbreviations of Liverpool Football Club, L.F.C and its logo were printed on the square shape, then embellished with white color. Compared with the lovely feel of the original bear shape style, this square shape style get more stable and concise results. It's worth to mention, no matter bear shape style or square shape, these awesome wristbands still kept the red for the design which is the symbol color for the club, also because of this symbol color, the club has the title of “Reds”. LFC square shape wristbands are more suitable for people who tends to mature and stable. If you want to get custom wristbands with various styles, GSJJ is the best place to provide for you.

Custom wristbands Size: 8"*3/4"

Thickness: 1.5mm

Style: One color printed wristbands

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LFC square shape wristbandsLFC square shape wristbands
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