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Siam Inter Lock Tek Co., Ltd has years of experience and skill in the making of locks that are renowned, under the name Cyber Lock®, for their world-class excellence.
Cyber Lock® has consequently been repeatedly selected by furniture makers of international repute. Cyber Lock®’s clientele consists of customers in more than 40 different countries from Asia, Noth & South America, South Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.
Siam Inter Lock Tek Co., Ltd is a certified manufacturer and exporter of the following product:
• Furniture Locks (for Wooden & Metal Furniture, Electrical Panels)
• Safe Locks
• Motorcycle Locks
• Hardware & Fittings for Door, Window, and Furniture
Siam Inter Lock Tek Co., Ltd has been awarded:
• INTERNATIONAL ARCH OF EUROPE QUALITY AWARD 2011, Business Initiative Directions
• IP CHAMPION 2011, the Department of Intellectual Property
• PRIME MINISTER’S EXPORT AWARD (Thai Best Exporter, Thai Owned Brand, Thai Owner Design), the Department of International Promotion (DITP), Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce
• ISO 9001 : 2008
For more information about Siam Inter Lock Tek Co., Ltd and Cyber Lock®, please visit

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