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Innovative Inner Wall System

Innovative Inner Wall System

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We have developed a productionmachine which fabricates a new modular inner wall system (Outside gypsum, inside carton), which is as 2/3 times faster to install as the ordinairy modular inner walls in the market nowadays, because of it's male and female construction. (assembly)
Time to install 10m² is around an hour.

The infrastructure, according to piping and electricity can be installed easily because of the excisting vertical channels. So installation can always be without the need of opening the wall.

Planning of a building project would be easier, because there is no need to wait for an electrician or installer while finishing the wall. Also there is no need to plan the location of potential doors and windows as they can be cut out and installed on the job. So you won't have any waste of time prefixing the profiles for them.

The panels I am talking about can be stacked upon each other to a height of 8 meters.

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Innovative Inner Wall SystemInnovative Inner Wall System
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