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professional clogs

professional clogs

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SUECOS is the only brand worldwide 100% specialized in EVA material last generation professional clogs. They are hygienic, antibacterial, sterilizable and over all they reduce health problems like knee and back pain of the users.
As we are specialized, we are able to put much more efforts in development of just these kind of clogs for less costs. We develop our clogs with highest material quality (test reports), highest technology level and they are designed just for the needs of professionals obtaining all necessary certifications this market needs. Our material called x-Cell is the best mixture to meet the optimal hard- or softness, which the orthopaedic specialists recommend and according certification 100% harmless for human skin. Our technology allows us to produce all sizes exact enough to offer single size shoes. Our designs are adapted to the needs of any sector. With or without anti slip rubber soles, with or without insoles, softer, or maybe harder for more protection in kitchen or food industry staff use for instance, partly with a new Airtech ventilation system, with situation of the general ventilation wholes according to the needs of the professional market. The most important and successful sales argument is: Wear and test SUECOS.

Christoph Reuter
Chili Technologies, S.L.
Balmes, 150 Entlo.2
08008 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 2186829
Direct: +34 93 2389484
Mobile: +34 619 028 936

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professional clogs
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