Madrid (Spain)-Kish – Manama Dubai (Circuit business)

Flip crossing

Circuit business for Agroships.

Different proposals depending the part of the business you need from different countries.

in the case of Markmarine, about his unique and revolutionary System Agroships,

From Madrid to experts in Tax avoidance in Luxembourg, Andorra, and Liechtenstein

Madrid – Vaduz….(Tax avoidance)

From Madrid to Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Iran, and Bahrain, looking for farmers franchisees

Madrid – Aqaba…

From Madrid to ports of Spain, South Korea, Vietnam, and Dalian (China) looking for Shipbuildings companies

Madrid – Dalian Shipbuildings….

A naval engeneer from Madrid, (Madrid – Madrid)

From Madrid to cities with experts in Areponic Systems

Madrid – New York

From Madrid to Red Sea route towards UAE.

Madrid to Suez – Hurghada, or Eliat – Aqaba

from these ones to Jeddha – Aden, this to Muscat - Dubai

Circuit business for Agroships.

Navigable Agriculture

This is a newly developed method of farming that allows delivery of fresh vegetables to locations with climate conditions that do not favour local production, e.g. in The United Arab Emirates. To be more precise, we are referring to Aeroponic Cultivation…

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