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Beijing Kwinbon Biotechnology CO,. Ltd

No.8, High Ave 4, Huilongguan International Information Industry Base, Changping District – Beijing – China, Bohai Bay+86 17667170972Facebook
Food > Food, juices, milk, eggs, oil ,bread, desserts, sauces, APPS
Industry > CHEMICALS, Acid, Powders, Discoveries, patents...
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Beijing Kwinbon Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech corporation specializing in research and development of rapid detection instrument and immunodiagnostic reagents for food safety. Kwinbon focuses on food safety, and we provide systematic solutions for Agriculture Sector, Inspection Bureaus, Commercial Market Screening and production enterprises. Based on “Market Oriented, Product Targeted, Techonogy Innovated and Quality Distinguished”, Kwinbon will keep on with the creative and innovative R&D work, helping the public keeping better food safety and better life quality.

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