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Gin Saw

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Detailed Product Description

Lummus 16" gin saws
Inner: 6-7/8"
Hardness:HRC 36-45
Lummus 16" gin saws
Our cotton gin saws is one of the best saw with high quality ,hardness , flatness flexibility
Our engineer who engaged in this field for more than twenty years ,we are confident to provide you what u wanted .

Our Advantages
1. Hardness:For the most saw gin HRC can reach to 36-41 ,But due to our superb and exclusice heat treatment technology , which guarantee the teeth heard and unbreakable,
2. Flatness :industry standard require the thickness average for one hundred pieces saws is 0.095+0.40mm but our saws can reach to 0.095±0.05mm
3. Flexibility: our saw have excellent flexibility which guaranty the teeth hard and unbreakable, it have long life
Teeth form, number of teeth and thickness can be manufactured by the customers requirements.
Machine Outer Dia Bore Dia Teeth
177-178Dual 11-1/4"286mm 2-7/16"/61.9mm 245
224-252Dual 11-1/4"286mm 3-7/16"/87.5mm 245
80/88/90 12"/305mm 2-7/16"/61.9mm 282/264
80/90 12"/305mm 2-7/16"/61.9mm 282/264
100-120 /177-178 Dual /224-254 Dual 12"/305mm 2-7/16"/61.9mm 282/264
128/158 12"/305mm 3-7/16"/87.5mm 282/264
120 12"/305mm 3-15/16"/100mm 282/264
158 12"/305mm 4-3/"/120mm 282/264
164/198 12"/305mm 4-3/4"/120mm 282/264
119/114 16"/406 6-7/8"/174mm 352
80-18/90-18 18"/457.2mm 3-7/16"/87.5mm 396
120-18/142-18 18"/457.2mm 7-15/16"/201.61mm 396

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