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Actually we’re a family (group) corporation involved in different industry areas, such as oilfield machinery & exploration instruments, as well as we have established several different production factories of the non-ferrous metals & products in China.

We serve & supply all customers with following items(
a). Titanium, nickel, zirconium and rare metals & products, including Wires,Bars,Tubes,Sheets,Flanges,Elbows,Bellows and all fittings,etc.
b). EB furnace design, manufacture, installation, and technical training & services.
c). Oilfield machinery & exploration instruments.
Kindly you keep stay in touch with me if you would be interested in our products(, Skype: jobingpeter).

About the company

Titanium & Nickel Metals and Products Available!

Activity: sales

We have owned not only our factories, but also strong partnerships with several large-scaled different specialty titanium & nickel product manufacturers in China. All products are within the range covered by ISO9001; 2008, which have a full process traceability and checked strictly by our QC members. Our product range covers titanium, nickel, zirconium, hafnium, molybdenum, and other nonferrous metals ,non-standard equipments and clad metal materials. Kindly you please contact with me through by My skype: jobingpeter or Email: forklifts@ If you’re interesting in our products. We are committed to the electronic beam cold hearth furnace design, manufacture, installation, and technical training & services. At the same time, our company undertake the purchase and sale of titanium, rare metals for both domestic and foreign markets, we are striving for oversea market in terms with our products , EB facilities and oilfield exploration instruments as well as a well logging company agent. We’re adhering to the concept of combining our own technical strength with universities, research institutes to create first-class equipments with our own technical characteristics. We serve the domestic and international customers in a wide range of business.

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