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Sealants, PU Foam, Adhesives

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Wrocław (Poland) - Singapore City (Singapore)Wrocław (Poland) - Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei)
Wrocław (Poland) - Mandalay (Myanmar)Wrocław (Poland) - George Town (Malaysia)
Wrocław (Poland) - Lusaka (Zambia)Wrocław (Poland) - Ariana (Tunisia)
Wrocław (Poland) - Cotonou (Benin)Wrocław (Poland) - Baghdad (Iraq)
Wrocław (Poland) - Lobamba (Swaziland)Wrocław (Poland) - Maseru (Lesotho)
Wrocław (Poland) - Ahvaz (Iran)Wrocław (Poland) - Manama (Bahrain)
Wrocław (Poland) - Al-Hasa (Saudi Arabia)Wrocław (Poland) - Harare (Zimbabwe)
Wrocław (Poland) - Amman (Jordan)Wrocław (Poland) - Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
Wrocław (Poland) - Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)Wrocław (Poland) - Kigali (Rwanda)
Wrocław (Poland) - Benghazi (Libya)Wrocław (Poland) - Antipolo (Philippines)
Wrocław (Poland) - Muscat (Oman)Wrocław (Poland) - Bandar Lampung (Indonesia)
Wrocław (Poland) - Banjul (Gambia)Wrocław (Poland) - Algiers (Algeria)
Wrocław (Poland) - Huambo (Angola)Wrocław (Poland) - Vientiane (Laos)
Wrocław (Poland) - Alexandria (Egypt)Wrocław (Poland) - Abia (Nigeria)
Wrocław (Poland) - Abu Dhabi (UAE)Wrocław (Poland) - Kisumu (Kenya)
Wrocław (Poland) - Beira (Mozambique)Wrocław (Poland) - Agadir (Morocco)
Wrocław (Poland) - Bien Hoa (Vietnam)Wrocław (Poland) - Kuwait city (Kuwait)
Wrocław (Poland) - Gaza (Palestinian)Wrocław (Poland) - Bangkok (Thailand)
Wrocław (Poland) - Cape Town (South Africa)Wrocław (Poland) - Arusha (Tanzania)
Wrocław (Poland) - Al Rayyan (Qatar)Wrocław (Poland) - Nouakchott (Mauritania)
Wrocław (Poland) - Ashdod (Israel)Wrocław (Poland) - Aden (Yemen)
Wrocław (Poland) - Beirut (Lebanon)

European manufacturer of Sealants, Adhesives, PU foam. Looking for distributors in Middle East, Asia and Africa. Very competitive factory prices!! Contact me for catalogue:

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