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Candy Novelty Importers/Retailers wanted!

Dioszegi ut, Keleti ipartelep 6. – Debrecen – HungaryFacebook
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Dear Candy Buyer,
Would you like to buy Candy Novelty/Snack items (Quick Milk Magic Straw, Ice Cream Powder, Frutta Spray, Caramel/Chocolate Popcorn, Dried Chocolate Apple Crisps, Edible Number Candle Candy, Cake Decoration Stift/Pearls, Funny Tube Gum, Graffiti Pop etc) that sells millions & bring fun to kids? Join the group of our Distributers/Retailers worldwide. We are from Hungary, Central Europe.
Contact me for samples.

Yours Sweetly,
Ms Anita Felfoldi, International Sales Manager
Felföldi Confectionery Ltd., Diószegi út, 6 Keleti Ipartelep, Debrecen 4030, Hungary (Central Europe)
Skype: anita.felfoldi
Check out our new items:

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