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GS-JJ Spinosaurus Dinosaur Cheap Custom Pins

GS-JJ Spinosaurus Dinosaur Cheap Custom Pins

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1.75" hard enamel lapel pin, die struck with gold finish.

The Spinosaurus is a large-scale beast-like carnivorous dinosaur. The subspecies of the Egyptian Spinosaurus is the largest known carnivorous dinosaur. It has a body length of 12 to 20 meters and a hip height of 270 to 400 centimeters. It weighs 4 to 26 tons and survived in the Cretaceous North Africa, about 114 million years ago to 65 million years ago. There are two species of Spinosaurus, the most famous of which is the Egyptian S. aegyptiacus found in Egypt, and the second species of S. marocannus found in Morocco. The Spinosaurus was discovered in Egypt by the German paleontologist Ernst Stromer and was described in 1915. The original specimen was destroyed by the Allies during World War II, so its fossils are very precious.
GS-JJ offers a series of dinosaur pins for you select, we have the enamel pins of the most famous dinosaur in the world. Get your own enamel pins now!
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GS-JJ Spinosaurus Dinosaur Cheap Custom PinsGS-JJ Spinosaurus Dinosaur Cheap Custom Pins
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