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5bbl Beer equipment brief introduction
Capacity: 5bbl
Two Vessels: Mash &kettle tun, lauter&whirlpool tun
Heating method: by steam, by electricity, by fire
5bbl Beer equipment configuration
Milling system- Mash system- Fermentation system- Cooling system- Washing system Control system with PLC- Wine column-to bar counter
5bbl Beer equipment technical parameters
1.Milling system:
Malt crusher, Double -roller type, carbon steel
2.Mash system
2.1Mash & Kettle tun : SUS304,inner shell thickness: 3mm,cladding thickness: 2mm;
total volume 6.3bbl, effective volume 5bbl;dimple jacket,mechanical stirring; equipped with reducer, motor power 0.37kw, speed ratio 1:29;insulation layer thickness 80mm.
2.2Lauter&whirlpool tun: SUS304, inner shell thickness: 3mm,cladding thickness:2mm,
total volume 6.3bbl, effective volume 5bbl;mechanical stirring; equipped with reducer, motor power 0.37kW, speed ratio 1:43;insulation layer thickness 80mm;milling sieve plate.
2.3Wort pump: SUS304, flow 3tons/h, lift 18meters.
2.4Plate heat exchanger: two stage four process, equipped with ice water, tap water and wort inlet&outlet.
2.5Accessories:wort thermometer,temperature measurement and oxygenation combination,titanium bar,mash line with related valves and piping,measuring cylinder,Sugar meter(two sets),worst rake.
3.Fermentation system
3.1Fermentation tank: SUS304,inner shell thickness: 3mm,Cladding thickness:
2mm,total volume 6.7bbl, effective volume 5bbl,dimple jacket to cool;insulation layer
thickness 80mm; withstand voltage of tank is 2.5bar, 60 °hypocone is compressive
strength design,internal roughness 0.4 um or less, no distortion, no scratches, weld
highly polished, the upper with lamp lens, with temperature sensors, sampling valve,
pressure gauge , negative pressure valve.
3.2Yeast tank:Effective volume 10L;Internal polishing;equipped with valves and accessories.
3.3 Accessories:Food grade hose,Refrigerant piping, thermal insulation piping.
4.Cooling system
4.1Ice water tank: SUS304, inner shell thickness: 2mm, cladding thickness: 1.5mm;total volume 2500L, effective volume 2000L;insulation layer thickness 80mm,equipped with valves and accessories.
4.3Ice water pump:Flow 3T/h Lift 25m; to cool the plate heat exchanger and fermentation tank.
4.4Accessories:equipped with valves and accessories,thermal insulation pipe.
5.Washing system
5.1Sterilizing vehicle:Disinfection tank: effective volume 50L;thickness: 2mm.valves and accessories;alkali tank: effective volume 50L;thickness: 2mm;valves and accessories.
5.2Washing pump:Flow 3t/h Lift18m.
5.3Accessories:equipped with valves and accessories,control box,steel wire hose.
6.Control system with PLC
Control system with PLC: Control cabinet,PLC controller,touch
screen,temperature measurement,control line, signal line.control line, signal line pipe.
Inflatable head,air hose
5bbl Beer equipment wine column
There are so many types of wine column, our engineer will supply suggestion according to customer requirement.
5bbl Beer equipment

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WEMAC Beer Equipment


WEMAC is professional beer equipment manufacturer since 1958. We supply customer with beer equipment,brewery equipment and beer brewing kit design, production, installation,project commissioning and training turnkey project.

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5bbl Beer equipment
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