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Ethicon, 3M, DENTSPLY, Omron, BBraun, Covidien, DenMat,


SPMII PROLENE SOFT MESH 7.6 cm x 15 cm 6 Per Box
SPMS PROLENE SOFT MESH 6.4 cm x 11.4 cm 6 Per box
SPMXS PROLENE SOFT MESH 2.54 cm x 10 cm 6 Per Box
SPMXXL PROLENE SOFT MESH 35.6 cm x 30 cm 3 Per Box
SPMH PROLENE SOFT MESH 15 cm x 15 cm 6 Per box
SPMLI PROLENE SOFT MESH 25 cm x 25 cm 3 Per box


VKMM VICRYL KNITTED MESH 15 cm X 15 cm 3 Per box
VWMM VICRYL WOVEN MESH 15 cm X 15 cm 3 Per Box
VKML VICRYL KNITTED MESH 30 cm x 30 cm 3 Per Box

About the company

Megalo Systems

Activity: Medical Surgical Manufacture and Distribution

The primary mission of Megalo Systems to manufacture & export-import till distribution of brands designed and manufactured by innovative product organizations which are non-conventional to market. Also cater sales & marketing platform to the top brands through our extensive Authorized Dealer network and self driven team. Recently Megalo Systems has opened a new branches in New York & London for International Trade. Megalo Systems Distribution was originally established in the 1999 and is the cornerstone of the international network of Megalo Systems Distribution companies in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, Korea, Japan and import, distribution and service accessory products.

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