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Channel Grating - Gratings for Open Channels -U-ditch and Gully Grate Panels
Channel Grating is a one-piece metal plank grating manufactured by cold forming steel into a channel shape structure offering much higher strength and ductility than traditional cast iron grates. The walking surface has square, diamond or other holes to create a grip surface and to allow for the dissipation of water and debris, suitable for large span and heavy loading sewage system, well covers and gully covers, used in docks, airports, seaports, and various engineering projects. Also called Ditch Grating, U Channel Grating or Gully Grating.

Galvanized channel gratings have following advantages over cast iron:

Hot-dip galvanizing against corrosion, less maintenance needed and easy replacement;
Security design available: box with hinged lid and connection, security, safe, easy to open;
Large span grating cover saving investment using the lowest ratio of iron materials;
Higher strength than cast iron, can be used for terminals, airports and other large span and heavy load environment;
Full specifications, more sizes and shape options provided meeting different environment and loading requirement.

We supply channel steel grating with standard ASTM A 27, 47, 48, 283, JIS G 3101.
We can design and manufacture standard channel grating and special grating in customized shapes per client's requirements.

About the company

Qindelin Steel Grating Engineering Corporation


Supply Steel Bar Grating such as Galvanized Steel, SUS304, 316, Aluminum and Fiberglass. We are a specialist manufacturer and supplier of metal grating products, using advanced technologies, talented and dedicated teams of professionals, and meeting international standards. Qindelin has more than 10 years experience in providing innovation and customer satisfaction industrial grating floor and walkways. Our bar gratings are exported to Australia, USA, Uk, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and many other countries. Our metal steel grates are used as flooring walkway, platform flooring, stair tread, well cover, trench cover, storage shelves, ladder, fences and step access for construction projects in offshore, seaport, power plant, water plant, defense project, chemical factory and so on. As specialist in metal grating engineering, we supply industrial flooring and stair tread utilizing a diverse range of materials, such as galvanized steel, stainless steel sus304, 316, aluminum and fiberglass. From view of loading capacities, Qindelin grating products can be divided into open bar grating and dense mesh heavy gratings. Bar gratings are made in the plug-in type and press-lock type. Expanded metal grating has the features of whole-piece integrity. Fiberglass grating as a new material shows excellent acid and alkaline resistance and high tensile strength. To meet some specific application, Qindelin uses composite grating combining the benefits of several materials and structures. For example, aluminum checker plates are used together with welded steel grating to form a modern anti-slippery tread plates for architectures and airport stairs.

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