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Aluminum Wire Mesh
Aluminum mesh falls into two classes according to the material composition: Aluminum magnesium alloy wire and pure aluminum wire. Aluminum mesh features light weight, rust resistance and corrosion resistance.

Material: Pure Aluminum or Aluminum alloy.

According to the processing, aluminum mesh can be woven aluminum wire mesh or expanded aluminum sheet mesh. Aluminum woven wire is square hole mesh mostly. Expanded aluminum mesh can be diamond, hexagonal or other opening types.

Comparison of the two types of aluminum mesh :
Woven aluminum mesh is flexible mesh fabric used for insect screening or other uses.
Expanded aluminum mesh is rigid sheet metal for security grid, architectural, ventilation grille, electronic or other uses.

About the company

Tejido Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.

Activity: Tejido Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.

Tejido is a professional manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel wire mesh, screen and cloth in various grades of stainless materials, including but not limited to AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L. As a chief weaver of stainless steel wire mesh and industrial wire cloth for fine filtration and sieving use, Tejido offers Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Fine Mesh, Micro Wire Mesh, Wire Cloth and Filter Cloth. Wire Mesh basic aperture ranges from 5.00 to 0.028mm (equivalent to 1mesh per inch to 500mesh per inch), also 3.5mm to 5mm (filter cloth 28# to 1250# of China National Professional Standard). We’ve been supplying wirie mesh since 2000 and we’re always looking at improving our products and expanding our product range to meet customers needs. Tejido is Quality Endorsed to ISO 9001 standards and always supply guaranteed high levels quality wire mesh and filter products and services.

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Aluminum Wire MeshAluminum Wire Mesh
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