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Crossed razor barbed wire
Two pieces of galvanized razor wire or zinc-coated razor wire were bounded together by clips to make it more strenth. The spiral intersecting barbed wire presents an intersecting shape after opening with beautiful practicality.

Single coil razor barbed wire
Single coil barbed tape wire is installed without clips,it runs in natural loops on walls. Costless and can be easily installed.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Concertina Wire
Concertinawire is formed with crossed lines of razor wire. It is fixed by steel clips atcertain distances. The crossed coils of concertina wire forms maximum safetyfencing for military uses and prison uses. It can be mobile barriers movinganywhere.

Galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate punched into certain forms then attached to the steel wire in sharp angle to form the blades. The products offer beautiful appearance, economic cost, good frightening result and easy installation. Sharp blades coming in the form of concertina by buckles bring very good result of frightening and stopping to the aggressive perimeter intruders.

About the company

KDY Concertina Razor Wire Factory

Activity: KDY Concertina Razor Wire Factory

KDY is synonymous with high quality and great value razor wire products. It is the first research and development factory on razor concertina wire. We strive to provide customers with the products that they buy regularly, ensure those products are of market leading quality and offered at guaranteed low prices. The mission of the factory is to provide high quality, low cost and effective Security Products including Barbed Wire, razor wire ribbons, Concertina Coils and flat Welded Razor Wire Mesh products to meet the challenges of the war of aggression, preventing the invasion and protecting security. Our razor wire is the consistency of engineering design, structure and composition, and is in accordance with national defense, national and industrial standards. All products are made from barbed wire abnormal tough, high-quality stainless steel parts. Our customers include military organization, electricity, water, mining industry, gas stations, and so easily lead to prison property and safety of the units and organizations. Razor wire can cause serious injury to any person who attempts to get through it, making it a very effective security solutions, the invaders can not pass. Razor type of barbed wire, has simple construction for installation, to some extent, plays a safe deterrent effect and makes the ultimate solution to serve the growing needs of peripheral security fencing. Email KDY now for a free quote on razor wire and concertina products.

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Galvanized Concertina WireGalvanized Concertina WireGalvanized Concertina Wire
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