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Wire mesh curtains are widely used in sun shading, space dividing and architectural decoration projects with features of fire proof, light diffusion, ventilation, privacy keeping.

Why Metal Alloys Popularly Used in Making of Curtains?

Lanatal supplies metal mesh curtains of various colors and strength caused by the material differences. Stainless steel curtains are the most strong one among the metal alloys. But in the practical uses of the wire mesh curtains, the aesthetic effect is considered rather than the strength. So, the strength of the metal fabric is not so important. Hence many metals such as copper, brass and other alloys that may bring more colors to the building come into use. Also, to achieve the shining and gorgeous effects, a kind of polished metal fabric is becoming popular also.

Materials for Metal Mesh Curtains: stainless steel wire(AISI 302,304, 316, 316L, 321), aluminum alloy wire, brass wire, copper wire or other alloy materials.

Sanded Metal Fabric for Curtains:

This fabric is furnished by special sanded surface in order to produce an effect of restraining and serenity and satisfying different requirement of decoration.

Polished Shining Fabrics Uses Illustration:

Mesh Curtains Treated with Silver Polishing
Silver Power Polished Fabric for Decorative Curtains

Metal Drapery Curtains
Gold Color Metal Wire Mesh Curtains for Decoration and Privacy

Metal Wire Mesh Curtains can be divided into nine groups according to Different Applications in architecture and building designs:

1) Interior Space Curtains:

Metal Wire Mesh Curtains as Curtain Indoor for Interior space dividing

2) Installed on the Ceilings

Curtains for ceiling decorative design

3) Mesh Curtain Drapery for Interior Partition:

Metal Wire Mesh Curtains as Drapery for Partition Indoor

4) Used as Exterior Wall Cladding Material:

Metal Wire Mesh Curtains as Wall Cladding Panels

5) Used as Sunshade Screen for Architecture Outside Designs:

Metal Wire Mesh Curtains as Screen

6) Used as Decorative Facade Fabric

Metal Wire Mesh Curtains as Facade Cladding Fabric

7) Used as Fireplace Mesh Curtain

Metal Wire Mesh Curtains as Fireplace Mesh

8) Used for Mattress Bed Manufacture:

Metal Wire Mesh Curtains used for mattress bed

9) Other Decorative Uses:

Metal Wire Mesh Curtains uses

Features of Metal Mesh Curtains:
.Durable Light weight and Long Lasting
· Superior Break-Through Strength
· Fireproof - Does Not Absorb Oil or Other Flammable Liquids
· Easy to Install - Can Be Spliced at Job Site
· Economical - Light Weight Reduces and Simplifies Structural Requirements and Installation
. Flexible - Contracts and Expands in One Direction
· Allows Easy Access to Work Areas
· Great Absorption of Kinetic Energy from Projectiles
· Flow-through Design - Allows Air and Light to Pass Through Easily

· Does Not Obstruct View of Equipment and/or Operator

Installation Instructions:

Mainly three types of hanging: hooked fabric hanging, hole hanging, ring hanging over the rods.

Installation of Metal Mesh Curtains with Rings

Polished Metal Mesh Curtain Fabric in a new trend of mesh curtains:
The fabric is made by particles of aluminum or other metals into a flat surface. After installation in hotel, ball room or other entertainment, it can reflect effects of scales under the light. The drapery is really the most ideal fashionable decoration materials.

Lanatal can supply decorative mesh curtains custom-manufactured to customers size and specifications. We offer:
· A Wide Variety of Weave Sizes and Materials to Meet Your Particular Specifications;
· Unlimited Variety of Colors.

New Project: Chain Curtain System

Curtain fabric description:
Wire: 1/8” weave
20 ga. Thickness
Material: Steel
Fullness: 100%

Length of opening along track: 226”
Height from floor to top of track: 111”

Track fixing and hardware:
192” of track in straight
Remaining figured on a 24” radius curve.
Track hardware needed to hang track from threaded rods from ceiling.

About the company

Lanatal Decorative Mesh Curtains Co.

Activity: Lanatal Decorative Mesh Curtains Co.

Welcome to Lanatal Decorative Mesh Curtains Co. Welcome to Lanatal. We produce and export wire mesh, perforated metal and expanded metal for architectural construction and decoration. Major products include Metal Mesh Curtains, Metal Mesh Drapery, Architectural Mesh, Decorative Wire Mesh, Metal Facade Grilles, Wall Cladding Panels, Wire Mesh Partitions, Metal Mesh Ceilings, Stainless Steel Ring Mesh and Other Metal Rings. Major materials include Creative Weaving Fabric, Perforated Metal and Expanded Metal Mesh. Lanatal has advanced production machines and dedicated staff to guarantee the quality of products. Our metal mesh products are used for façade, sunshade, wall cladding, ceiling structure and various parts of architectures. Welcome to contact us.

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