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Aluminum Grating Panels

Aluminum Grating Panels

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Aluminum Grating Panels make rigid, virtually maintenance-free metal flooring products. Surface types can be flat bar grates or serrated type. Press-locked steel or aluminum bar grating is mostly used. Aluminum bar grating is designed to be a high-strength, low-weight strutural product. Available in a serrated surface for extra safety decking uses.

Swaged Rectangular Aluminum Grating
Swage rectangular bar grate provides clean, crisp lines and the cross bar is fully locked within the bearing bar, slightly below the top surface.

Swage Locked "I-Bar" Aluminum Grating

One bar aluminum grating carries the same load as 3/16" thick rectangular bar type aluminum grating, but weighs slightly less per square foot. Additionally, the striated top and bottom flanges of the "I" bar provide enhanced skid resistance without the cost of serration.

Flush-Top Aluminum Grating

Manufactured with a unique, extruded cross bar that is flush with the top surface of the bearing bars after swaging, Flush-top aluminum grating provides an enhanced walking surface for areas subject to continuous pedestrian traffic.

Press Lock Aluminum Grates:

Press-Locked Bar Grating is constructed with the two close-tolerance slotted bars bonded together (positioned every 2" or 4") using tremendous hydraulic pressure. Permanent locking is achieved by forcing the deep cross bar into the bearing bar. Both the cross bars and the bearing bars provide walking surfaces in the press-locked design.

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Juyi Aluminum Mesh Co.

Activity: Juyi Aluminum Mesh Co.

Juyi Aluminum Mesh Co. is the leading aluminum wire mesh products in China, offering a complete range of materials, grades, and sizes. Modern and diverse production equipment provide quick turn-around on orders of all sizes, from small lots to truckload quantities. Experienced staff ensure the consistent high quality that you expect. Our product range of wire diameter and cut wire length is unsurpassed. A broad range of type is available, including aluminum metal,aluminum wire, aluminum mesh, screening, sheets and aluminum fences. Juyi has been providing aluminum wire mesh products for export since the year 1997. As wholesaler and exporter of China, We supply only good quality aluminum products and materials that meet or exceed international standards. Business covering: Aluminum Wire Aluminum Wire Mesh Decorative Mesh Curtains Aluminum Insect Screen Amplimesh Gutter Guarding Mesh Aluminum Fence Aluminum Perforated Sheet Expanded Metal Aluminum Gratings Checkered and Dimple Plate and more. Welcome to contact us. E-mail:

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Aluminum Grating Panels
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