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Leather (Crust & Finished)

Leather (Crust & Finished)

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Dear Customer,

Good Day!!
We take this occasion to introduce ourselves as one of the leading buying house/buyer’s agent/exporter for crust and finished leather working in this field since long.

We can supply you all types of finished and crust leather (i.e. cow, goat, buffalo, etc.). Articles include full-chrome, semi-chrome, fullveg, embossed, glazed, suitable for footwear, hand bags, leather garments, wallets, etc.

Split, lining, upper are also available along with other leather goods at a very competitive price. We can supply you these items in regular basis and in large quantity.

We can also arrange you a sample order shipment by air as per requirement so that you can judge our product selection, tanning, our tanner and our commitment.

Looking forward of developing a bilateral business relationship with your esteem organization, Eagerly awaiting for your response.

Warm Regards,

Mohammad M. Patwary
Zainab Trading International
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Cell # +88-01610002200

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Leather (Crust & Finished)
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