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PrimaDollar (Factoring Company)

PrimaDollar (Factoring Company)

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We are PrimaDollar, UK. An International Trade Financing Company.
We do not rely upon any third parties and we do not use credit insurance. Our process is different to the insurers and banks with whom you may have dealt in the past.
Our role is to provide financing from signing the contract to the date when the Buyer finally pays:
- At the time of order, we provide you with an “at sight LC” (so you can get local finance for materials and work)
- Once you have shipping documents available, we will purchase the invoice that you issue to your buyer and we pay cash upfront
In this way, you have financing from the date of the order, all the way to the date when payment is finally made by the buyer.
We do not require an LC, bank guarantees or any collateral from the Buyer. Our service allows you to trade with retailers on open account with delay of payment.


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PrimaDollar (Factoring Company)
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