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Quality,Padouk,Tali,Sapele,Belinga,Acajou,Iroko,Pachylobe,Ayos,Teak and many more for sale

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We at BGI CO LTD wood exportation and construction company, a procurement company in Cameroon that can handle shipments of Bubing, Sapelli, Padouk, Accajou, Sipo, Moabi, Pachyloba, Zingana, Doussie, kossipo, Poga, Bibolo, Frake, Bete, Okan, Dabema, Azobe, Ovingui, Angongui, Bosse, Bilinga, Ilomba, Faro, Aiele, Ekop rouge,Ekop gris, Framire, Amouk, Tola, Tiama, Wengue, Teak, Tali, Iroko, Mahogany, and Ebony. Our operation includes logging, sawing, drying and moulding of most of the common African species. Timbers for furniture, joinery and flooring.We export african wood species in logs and sawn timber This includes all of the most commonly traded species in West Africa.We are also here to source coffee and cocoa for our client for very moderate and affordable prices
We offer various species of timber sawn at various dimensions to suit buyers demands
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