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This is a newly developed method of farming that allows delivery of fresh vegetables to locations with climate conditions that do not favour local production, e.g. in The United Arab Emirates.
To be more precise, we are referring to Aeroponic Cultivation in containers that are to be transported in ships to destination for its commercialisation, whereby allowing the vegetable to arrive fresh, alive and ready for consumption.
The basic principle of aeroponic cultivation is to grow plants with their roots suspended in the air and by spraying the plant´s dangling roots with a nutrient-rich aqueous solution. In aeroponic growing the surroundings of the roots are kept clean and free of diseases and plagues so the plants can grow healthier and quicker that those grown in soil.
Initially, we have thought of growing lettuce and its varieties.
The cultivation of lettuce will begin in greenhouses under aeroponic technique. After 20 days (when only 10 days remain until full growth and development is reached), lettuces will be transported with extreme care to a duly-equipped ship with optimal temperature, a spray system and LED lighting, in such a way that the initial atmosphere conditions are kept and, therefore, guarantee a healthy growth of the plant. Upon arrival to destination, the plant, which will have completed its growth during the journey, will be ready for distribution and sale; fresh and alive since it keeps its roots.
With this new project, we provide the citizens of The United Arab Emirates the opportunity to consume a fresh and healthy product that maintains nutritional properties better than if it was packed.
It is important to point out that greenhouses can be located in any Arab country and the ship´s flag state can also be adapted to satisfy an investor´s needs and requirements.
Feasibility and viability studies are readily available to any investor upon signature of an agreement with our company, MARKMARINE S16 SL.

If you are interested in a franchising opportunity with MARKMARINE S 16, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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