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U-2 Traders Yarn Importers & Exporters

U-2 Traders Yarn Importers & Exporters

P-181, Riaz Enterprises, Yarn Market,Montgomery Bazar – Faisalabad – Pakistan+92-41-262-4001Facebook
Industry > TEXTILE, fabrics, sewing machines, laser, 3D, 4.0. APPS,
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We are striving hard to make our present better than the past. We believe that the success of the organization lies in the attire satisfaction of our customers. We know that the quality products are not only by promises but also by proven results. Our never ending efforts are focused on one point and that is customer satisfactions the optimum level.
We deal in,
Carded Yarn: Ne 10/s - 20/s
Hosiery yarn and also in weaving yarn
Polyester/Cotton Yarn: Ne 10/s - 40/s
Hosiery yarn and also in weaving yarn
PP Yarn/Pure Polyester: Ne 10/s - 40/s
Polyester/Viscose: Ne 10/s - 40/s
We manufacture yarn from Acrylic and Lycra & also we import Yarn.

U-2 Traders
LL Phone +92-41-262-4001
Cell Phone +92-302-865-7356
Fax +92-41-260-5000
P-181, Riaz Enterprises, Yarn Market,Montgomery Bazar, Faisalabad-Pakistan

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U-2 Traders

Activity: Yarn Trading

U-2 Traders is a major entity involved in task providing various items to manufacturers, buyers and sellers under one pedestal at the same time. Our company is growing on a titanic scale under the innovative vision and guidance of our great leadership A professionally managed company, we are committed to excel in the Spinning and Yarn Trading industry through our superior range of products. Located in FAISALABAD (PAKISTAN), we are serving our clients across the globe through our strong and fast distribution network, as well as cities in Pakistan.

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U-2 Traders Yarn Importers & ExportersU-2 Traders Yarn Importers & Exporters
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