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1. Finish-film predimpregnat (decorative paper with a finish-effect) for wrapping profile moldings or laminating / pressing to direct the plane. Weight of base paper from 50 to 120 g / m ². Wood or uni colors with different lacquer. The order of any new decor wood structure or similar decor of your current collection, relief, high-gloss decors and uni colors according to the table RAL.

2. Melamine edge without glue, to outline the ends of furniture or doors on edge banding machines for straight and for curved surfaces like softforming. Possible selection to customer edge to the existing plate or finish-film.
3. PVC film, 2D for wrapping profile moldings, manufacturing furniture parts, doors, and PVC film with deep embossing for cladding wall panels. Attention! We can make the same decor as in PVC film and a finish-film!
4. MDF , raw slab, two-way grinding medium density 6 mm , 8mm , 9mm, 10mm, 12mm , 15mm, 16mm and 18mm.
5. Laminate flooring - laminate flooring for residential and office space and retail space.Thickness 7 mm , 8 mm , 10 mm.

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