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element assy nissan 2 418 455 074

element assy nissan 2 418 455 074

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element assy nissan 2 418 455 074
Plunger Product features:
1> Measuring fuel quantity;
2> Control injection starting;
3> Produce the pressure required by injection.
China-Lutong Parts Plant is manufacter in China in the suppyling and servicing of diesel fuel injection enterprise,our quality is Approved by ISO9001:2008
We are Major in:rotor head ,hydraulic head,Diesel Nozzle,fuel injector pump head ,Diesel Plunger,Diesel Element,ve pump parts,Head Rotor,Diesel Injector,Common Rail Nozzles,head and rotor ,Common Rail Injector Valve and so on. We have the world brand equipment, craft, full testing machine, very strong technical force, and we have big lots, more types and high quality production scale, and modernization manager.
Name Item Classification Stamping
plunger A SAZ85I SAZ85I
plunger A (yanmar) 119000-51100 RI
plunger A Q6 Q6
plunger A Q5 Q5
plunger A PA85905 PA85905
plunger A (yanmar) 105700-51100 N9
plunger A (yanmar) 105700-51003 N3
plunger A 129506-51100 M5
plunger A 135176-0140 M4
plunger A M30 M30
plunger A 140153-7220 M3
plunger A 135176-0120 M2
plunger A 119620-51101 M1
plunger A 130101-1320 K65
plunger A 140153-6420 K49
plunger A K336 K336
plunger A K334 K334
plunger A K333 K333
plunger A K329 K329
plunger A K298 K298
plunger A K295 K295
plunger A 140154-2220 K221
plunger A K214 K214
plunger A (yanmar) 135210-51101 K2
plunger A 140153-9020 K199
plunger A 140153-8920 K198
plunger A 140151-2020 K16
plunger A 140153-4320 K155
plunger A K154 K154
plunger A 140153-4120 K153
plunger A 140151-1920 K15
plunger A 140153-3520 K147
plunger A 140151-1820 K14
plunger A IW5 IW5
plunger A 903/F027 F027
plunger A EP0191460/17 EP0191460/17
plunger A 105990-51100 E8
plunger A E20 E20(337-20)
plunger A E108 E108
plunger A E10(337-10) E10(337-10)
plunger A C176 C176
plunger A BX66 BX66
plunger A BX38 BX38

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element assy nissan 2 418 455 074 element assy nissan 2 418 455 074 element assy nissan 2 418 455 074 element assy nissan 2 418 455 074
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