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pump rotor replacement 1 468 334 720 Four Cylinders For IVECO Engine

pump rotor replacement 1 468 334 720 Four Cylinders For IVECO Engine

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pump rotor replacement 1 468 334 720 Four Cylinders For IVECO Engine

Component:Fuel Injection System Parts
Net Weight: 1.6 kg
Trademark:China Lutong
HS Code:8409 9999
Body Material:Steel
Colour: black
Gurantee: 6 months
Origin:China cn
Company type:manufacturer
Workers and staff:300
Factory square:6000m3

China-Lutong Parts Plant - As the first-class manufacturer and supplier of diesel fuel injection system in China,it displays new exhibits and excellent quality. Over the years, it has been striving to build high quality of its own brand and promote the internationalization of the brand "DIESELPARTS". Image and continuous efforts to create greater glory for China's private enterprises.

With over 20 years of experience as a China manufacturer of Fuel system parts & components serving both Original Equipment Manufacturer and the After Market, CHINA-LUTONG has always been committed to deliver only the highest quality products accompanied by outstanding service dedication to our customers worldwide. CHINA-LUTONG high precision engine components

are manufactured using state-of-the-art proprietary technologies and synergized by the application of the finest materials available.
For more information or assistance, please feel free to call me on (telephone) or contact by (email).

What is VE pump?

The purpose of the fuel injection pump is to deliver an exact metered amount of fuel, under high pressure, at the right time to the injector.
The injector, unlike in a gasoline engine, injects the fuel directly into the cylinder or a prechamber connected to the cylinder.
The VE in the name of the Bosch pump used in the VW diesels and many other small diesel engines stands for "Verteiler", which is German for
distributor or divider. The other common kind of injection pump is the inline pump. The difference between them is that the "Verteiler" VE pump
has one fuel metering plunger, and a mechanism (the "Verteiler"/distributor) to send the fuel to the right cylider. The inline pump has one plunger
for each cylinder.

Our Main Products:
1.Head Rotor:VE head Rotor(Bosch,Denso,Zexel,Delphi)
2.Fuel Injection Pump:(ISUZU,JMC)
3.Ve Pump Parts:(Feed Pump ,Cam Plate, Drive Shaft,Solenoid Valve,Roller Ring,Oil Seal,etc.)
4.Reparit Kit(VE Pump,Lucas,etc.)
7.Delivery Valve(A,P type etc.)
8.Pencil Nozzle(Ford,John Deer,CAT.)
9.Common Rail Control Valve(621C,622B,625C,C7/C9,etc.)
10.Lucas Head Rotor.(DPA,DPS,DP200)
11.Diesel Fuel Injectors(Bosch,Denso,Delphi)
12.Nozzle Tester,Test Bench.
13.Other Components

Alen Huang(Sale manager)
Whatsapp: +86-13666940123

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pump rotor replacement 1 468 334 720 Four Cylinders For IVECO Enginepump rotor replacement 1 468 334 720 Four Cylinders For IVECO Engine
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