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fuel injection pump pdf NJ-VE4-11E1800L019 auto parts diesel engine repair

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MH Johnson
Body Material: Steel 
Certification: ISO9001
Specification: bosch diesel fuel injection pump
HS Code: 84129090
Weight: 10kg
Transport Package: Neutral Packing 
Our is a manufacturer who specialize in diesel fuel injection spare parts for nearly 30 years since 1982.We have an advanced manufacturing technic and business models. Because of establishing a bulk stock based on our strong production capacity, the delivery time is extremely shortened.We also can customize the new items according to your samples or specification request.fuel injection pump pdf
Initially introduced for in-direct injection (IDI) driven passenger cars, distributor pumps have been successfully applied and are running world over on heavy duty direct injection (DI) commercial vehicles and off-highway applications as well. Distributor pumps are known for their compactness and versatility to take on several add-on devices, to cater to all the engine requirements.diesel engine injection pump
Introduction of electronics in engine management has become a necessity to meet the stringent emission norms. The launch of VP36/ VP37 EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) systems signifies this step towards improved closed loop controls. These systems are similar to mechanical distributor pumps but with electronic controls for fuel metering and injection timing.
bosch injection pump governor
Mechanical and EDC pumps have been designed to meet Euro III & Tier III emission legislations.
Features ve injection pump
Designed to achieve lower exhaust emissions
Highly compact and lightweight
Modular design for add-on devices
Easy adaptability to a variety of engine requirements
Capable of working up to 950 bar peak line pressure at pump end
Better performance, better emissions
fuel pump governor
1 NJ-VE4/11F1900LNJ03 ADS-VE4/11F1900L003 2000110003    JX493Q1
2 NJ-VE4/11F1250L009 ADS-VE4/11F1250L004 2000110004 JX493Q1/PD2009
3 NJ-VE4/12F1900LNJ01 ADS-VE4/12F1900L005 2000110005 4JB1
4  WF-VE4/11F1900L002 ADS-VE4/11F1900L006 2000220006 HFC 4DA1-1
5 NJ-VE4/11F1900L005         0001060005-Z      ADS-VE4/11F1900L008 2000220008 JX493ZQ4A-47
6 NJ-VE4/11F1900L064           0001060064 ADS-VE4/11F1900L010 2000220010 JX493ZQ4A-53
7    104641-7280        NP-VE4/11F1800LNP2495        ADS-VE4/11F1800L012  104641-7280  JX493ZQ
8  104641-7172           NP-VE4/11F1800LNP2371 ADS-VE4/11F1800L013  104641-7172   JX493ZQ
 Several add-on devices for emission control and driving comfort
Speed range up to 5000 rpm engine speed
Built-in timing device
Electrical shut off
Add-on devices include
Cold start accelerator
Fast idle device
Load – dependent start of injection
Boost compensator for turbocharged engine 
diesel pump governor
Enhanced driving comfort

About the company

China-Lutong Parts Plant


China-Lutong is now one of the specialist Fuel Injection System suppliers and manufacturers. Our aim and business policy is to give the customer a reliable quality product and service, alternative to the OE products. The parts are quality assured to ISO9001: 2008 and are subject to regular internal and external audits ensuring that quality is the highest standard. Since 1982 our staff has provided diesel engine parts, especially diesel fuel injection components with fast and efficient supply of quality spare parts. Our years of experience have helped us to develop an extensive product stock. The growth was assisted by the company's commitment to provide the highest levels of customer service, and product reliability. In time, our commitment to excellence remained the same, but this new development allowed the company to pursue other business opportunities and further expansion. Our friendly and dedicated staff are trained and experienced in servicing the diesel fuel injection industry and are always eager to assist.

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fuel injection pump pdf NJ-VE4-11E1800L019 auto parts diesel engine repair
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