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ABB 3HAC2530-1C

ABB 3HAC2530-1C

32D Guomao Building,Hubin South Road,Siming District – Fujian – China, South18030235311Facebook
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Fujian (China, South) - Montevideo (Uruguay)Fujian (China, South) - Industry 4.0 (China - Africa)
Fujian (China, South) - Homemade (Energy ad hoc)Fujian (China, South) - Shenzhen (China, Guandong)
Fujian (China, South) - Miami (USA, East Coast)Fujian (China, South) - New Delhi (India)
Fujian (China, South) - Belt and Road 4.0 (Coordinated Routes)Fujian (China, South) - Andean Community (American blocs)
Fujian (China, South) - Air (Coordinated transport)Fujian (China, South) - EAC (African blocs)
Fujian (China, South) - San Jose (Costa Rica)Fujian (China, South) - Bogota (Colombia)
Fujian (China, South) - Havana (Cuba)Fujian (China, South) - Mexico city (Mexico)
Fujian (China, South) - GCC (Arabian blocs)Fujian (China, South) - Manila (Philippines)
Fujian (China, South) - CEFTA (European blocs)Fujian (China, South) - Tel Aviv (Israel)
Fujian (China, South) - World 4.0 (All countries)Fujian (China, South) - ASEAN (Asian blocs)
Fujian (China, South) - Anping County (China, Bohai Bay)Fujian (China, South) - casablanca (Morocco)
Fujian (China, South) - Commonwealth (Economic Blocs)Fujian (China, South) - Singapore City (Singapore)
Fujian (China, South) - Madrid (Spain)Fujian (China, South) - Africa 4.0 (Continents)

Contact us
Sales Manager : Jessica
Email (RFQ) :
WeChat : hu18030235311
Skype : jessica01235483
Mobile/WhatsApp : 86-18030235311


★ Shipping
Ship the items within 3 working days;
All the goods will be tested before shipment;
Packing in professional anti-static bag;
We can ship to you by DHL/UPS/EMS/Fedex ... ...

★ Packing & Delivery
Warranty:12 months in globally!  
Package:Original packing with cartons. 
Delivery time:Shipped in 1-2 days after payment. 

★ Payment
We can accept wire transfer.
100% T/T for stock items before shipping.

We have all below products
Recommend ABB series
• AC800F series controller module
• AC800M series controller I/O module
• AC31 series controller module
• Bailey INFI90 module
• DCS 800xA series modules
• S800 I/O modules / S900 I/O modules
• DSQC robot module spare parts
• Advant OCS system spare parts
Recommend GE series
• IC200 series:IC200ALG322 | IC200CHS002 | IC200PWR102
• IC693 series:IC693MDL730 | IC693 CPU311(323,331..363,374)
• IC694 series:IC694APU300 | IC694BEM331 | IC694MDL740
• IC695 series:IC695 CPU310 | IC695CHS007 | IC695ACC402
• IC697 series:IC697BEM733 | IC697CHS750 | IC697CMM711
• IC698 series:IC698 CPE010 | IC698 CPE020 | IC698 CRE030

Jessica (Sales Manager) - Online Time 24h
[ Email : | Skype : jessica01235483 ]

About amikon
We are spare parts specialists in industrial automation !
Inventory: A large number of new and discontinued parts with a
wide range of brand names.
Economic Benefits: Competitive Prices and Specific Distributor
Discounts. Reliability: Each product is tested and guaranteed for
at least 12 months.
Speed: Rapid response, efficient delivery.
Professional: Solid business organization, well-trained engineers.
International: Global network of partners and preferred suppliers

More advantageous models
ABB 3BSE013236R1-800xA TU835V1
ABB 3BSE013237R1-800xA TU836V1
ABB 3BSE013238R1-800xA TU837V1
ABB 3BSE008572R1-800xA TU838
ABB 3BSE046966R1-800xA TU839
ABB 3BSE020846R1-800xA TU840
ABB 3BSE020848R1-800xA TU841
ABB 3BSE020850R1-800xA TU842
ABB 3BSE021443R1-800xA TU843
ABB 3BSE021445R1-800xA TU844
ABB 3BSE021447R1-800xA TU845
ABB 3BSE022460R1-800xA TU846
ABB 3BSE022462R1-800xA TU847
ABB 3BSE042558R1-800xA TU848
ABB 3BSE042560R1-800xA TU849
ABB 3BSE050930R1-800xA TU850
ABB 3BSE068782R1-800xA TU851
ABB 3BSE069964R1-800xA TU852
ABB 3BSE069966R1-800xA TU854
ABB 3BSC690075R1-800xA TU890
ABB 3BSC840157R1-800xA TU891
ABB 3BSE023607R1-800xA TY801K01
ABB 3BSE033670R1-800xA TY804K01
ABB 3BSE056980R1-800xA TY820K01

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ABB 3HAC2530-1C
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