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Common Rail Nozzles DLLA155P970 Denso Injector Nozzle

Common Rail Nozzles DLLA155P970 Denso Injector Nozzle

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Toyota common rail nozzles DLLA 155 p 970 denso injector references 095000-9700, 095000-7530. for use in : toyota. land cruiser j200.
We supply Common Rail Nozzle DLLA155P970 For Denso Injector 09500-7530 with high quality and fast delivery at competitive price.
China Fuel Nozzle Dlla155p871 for Common Rail Injector
dlla150p1566 0433171965 dlla155p970 dlla155p840 093400-8400 dlla150p1606 0433171980 dlla155p985 dlla150p1828 0433172116
Diesel engine pump nozzle Dlla155p970 dlla155p1025 toyota hilux 2kd-ftv Bosch control valve F 00R J00 399 injector valve F00RJ00399 for common rail injector 0 445 120 009/010/014/015/019/020/084/085.
China Common Rail Diesel Injector Nozzle DLLA155P970, Find details about China Nozzle, Fuel Nozzle from Common Rail Diesel Injector Nozzle DLLA155P970.

CHINA Fuel Common Rail Nozzle by contrast with other injection systems, pressure generation and injection are separate from each other in Common Rail technology. A separate high-pressure pump continuously feeds fuel into the rail. While other diesel direct-injection systems have to build up the high fuel pressure anew for each injection cycle, the Common Rail System permanently has at its disposal a fuel pressure matched to the operating conditions of the engine, even at low engine speeds.

In addition, Common Rail technology differs from conventional systems by providing multiple injections per working cycle. This cycle is divided into pre-injection (pilot injection) for quiet engine running, main injection for ideal power deployment and secondary injection for reduced emissions. The fuel reaches the injector via short pressure lines and then through the injection nozzles into the combustion chamber.
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093400-8800 DLLA155P880 095000-7030, 095000-703#, 095000-676#, 095000-6760, 95000-741# Toyota HILUX 2.5 D 2007 – PRESENT, HILUX 3.0 D 2007 – PRESENT, LANDCRUISER 3.0 D 2007 – PRESENT
093400-9391 DLLA155P939
DLLA155P941 095000-6510/095000-6511/095000-8480/23670-E0420 Toyota 1AZ Coaster 4.5L
093400-9480 DLLA155P948 095000-6581, 095000-6583 Denso Common Rail Injector J08E Kinglong Bus
093400-9600 DLLA155P960 Toyota
093400-9640 DLLA155P964 095000-6790, 095000-6791, D28-001-801+C Diesel Common Rail Injector ShangChai 6D114、SC9DK
093400-9650 DLLA155P965 095000-6700, 095000-6701, R61540080017A, VG1246080051 Denso Original Top Quality Truck Injector TOYOTA - HOWO, Sangyong / 06K06116, WD615, HOWO, SINOTRUK, Евро-3
093400-9700 DLLA155P970 095000-7530 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER J200
DLLA155P985 095000-5890 Toyota

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Common Rail Nozzles DLLA155P970 Denso Injector NozzleCommon Rail Nozzles DLLA155P970 Denso Injector Nozzle
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