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Why choose all in one solar street light?

Why choose all in one solar street light?

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Guandong (China, Guandong) - Tel Aviv (Israel)Guandong (China, Guandong) - Manila (Philippines)
Guandong (China, Guandong) - San Jose (Costa Rica)Guandong (China, Guandong) - Mexico city (Mexico)
Guandong (China, Guandong) - World (All countries)Guandong (China, Guandong) - Miami (USA, East Coast)

1) Integrated design, no cabling, easy to install
2) Adopting solar panel as power source, LED as light source, a perfect combination for energy saving.
3) Adopting high capacity long service life Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, theory life time over 5 years, excellent high temperature performance, long life time can ensure the service life of whole product.
4) Waterproof structure, safe and reliable.
5) Adopting aluminum alloy as main body material, with excellent rust-proof and corrosion-proof function.
6) With segmented power control function, during late half night, brightness reduce in order to save energy and increase practicality.

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Why choose all in one solar street light?
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