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AOQUN 25mm Brush Strip Garage Door Seal Delivery is Urgent

AOQUN 25mm Brush Strip Garage Door Seal Delivery is Urgent

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Aoqun Xiao Jiang gave Mr. Chen an affirmative reply: No problem, the quality of the large samples guarantees their satisfaction, and the delivery time is absolutely according to their requirements. Immediately after this urgent sample list was notified to production. With the cooperation of the production department, the samples were completed the next morning. After checking and confirming, Xiao Jiang immediately arranged to send the samples. After 3 days, Mr. Chen received a sample of 25mm brush strip garage door seal, and immediately confirmed with his partner. It took a week before and after sending and confirming the sample, and finally received his feedback: 25mm brush strip garage door seal is very good, and the specifications and sizes also meet their requirements.

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AOQUN 25mm Brush Strip Garage Door Seal Delivery is Urgent
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