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AOQUN - 50Mm Brush Strip Garage Door Seal Manufacturer

AOQUN - 50Mm Brush Strip Garage Door Seal Manufacturer

3rd Floor, AB Building, No. 333 South Panyu Avenue, Dongchong Town – Guangzhou – China, Guandong020-84858360Facebook
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As a production company with a strong sense of social responsibility, it has prepared sufficient masks, protective glasses, disinfectant and other anti-COVID-19 supplies and supplies to all employees who have officially resumed work to ensure the health and safety of employees and product safety; as a company focused on high quality and large quantities 50mm brush strip garage door seal manufacturer has been producing brush for 20 years. With more than ten production lines and advanced equipment imported from Germany, Aoqun still has sufficient production capacity during the COVID-19, which can meet the continuous production needs of customers.

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AOQUN - 50Mm Brush Strip Garage Door Seal Manufacturer
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