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AOQUN Escalator Apron Brush, Complying with International Safety Standard

AOQUN Escalator Apron Brush, Complying with International Safety Standard

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Recently, Mr. Gong who works on escalator maintenance, is looking for escalator apron brush. No long ago, he had a project of installing brushes for old escalators. But his owner found the escalator apron brush does not comply with escalator apron brush standard, and required him to replace all the brushes within one week; otherwise, he shall be responsible for the loss. That mean Mr. Gong needed to find another supplier who can offer the brush complying with international safety standard.

Mr. Gong heard that AOQUN is professional in manufacturing escalator apron brush and cooperates with many large companies. He contacted with us via AOQUN ‘s website. When knowing Mr. Gong’s situation, AOQUN proposed a solution for him right away and offer him the escalator apron brush approved by international safety brush standard for his assembly test. After knowing the D08 single row escalator brush is suitable, our people arranged production for him at their overtime. It only took 2 days to supply the whole order brush to him, so he can finish his task in time.

A week after the project is completed, Mr. Gong called us: “Thanks to your cooperation, we can offer our owner the right products and avoid extra loss for any delay. Your quality and delivery are quite satisfying to me. I will recontact with you when need more escalator apron brushes.”

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AOQUN Escalator Apron Brush, Complying with International Safety Standard
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