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AOQUN Escalator Skirt Brush Is The Best

AOQUN Escalator Skirt Brush Is The Best

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“Why do these escalator skirt brushes deform so quickly? The owner of the mall complained to me! I really regret not buying a brush with AOQUN!” Alexander are from Russia called me with a not fluent English, and ask for help from us!

Alexander inquired the escalator skirt brush was in March. At that time, I learned that it was used in a shopping mall with a particularly large flow of people, and added a brush to the old escalator. Therefore, we especially recommend an escalator skirt brush, because AOQUN nylon brush is the purest PA6 nylon, the resilience is particularly good, the filament is durable and not easy to deform. But in the end Alexander was attracted by the low price of another brush manufacturer, did not buy this escalator skirt brush with us. Half a year later, I received his call. To solve urgency of our customers is the responsibility of AOQUN! According to experience, the escalator skirt brush is so easily deformed that it may be recycled or inferior. It is recommended that Alexander replace the brush immediately. This time he did not hesitate to buy the order immediately, and let us guarantee the quality. We have provided Alexander with a material certificate for nylon and promised that we are using 100% pure nylon, which meets various ROHS and SVHC environmental requirements. We also told him that AOQUN escalator skirt brush, many old customers feedback is still very good for two or three years. "With one to three", you can use it with confidence!

Alexander received the goods and replaced the original inferior escalator skirt brush. He said: "Your brush is much better in appearance than the original one. After the filament is bended, it can rebound quickly, and it is not deformed at present. "A month later, his 50 new escalator orders were also directly sent to us.

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AOQUN Escalator Skirt Brush Is The Best
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