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AOQUN Escalator Skirt Brushes Are A Wise Choice for Brand Elevator Manufacturers

AOQUN Escalator Skirt Brushes Are A Wise Choice for Brand Elevator Manufacturers

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Mr. Yue, the purchasing manager of a famous elevator manufacturer in China, contact with AOQUN asking for cooperation. Because the escalator skirt brushes lost filament before, the problem will not only affect the safety performance, but also reduce the brand image. Mr. Yue has also changed a few manufacturers, the problem has not been completely solved, I do not know whether AOQUN can completely solve the problem of escalator skirt brushes filament losing.

Mr. Liu of AOQUN first gave Mr. Yue a reassuring pill after receiving his call, because Mr. Liu told Mr. Yue that AOQUN has been specializing in the production of escalator skirt brushes for 11 years, and the factory has done incoming inspection, first piece inspection and ex-factory inspection in strict accordance with ISO 9001-2015 quality management system standards. According to the company's internal testing standards (brush product quality inspection standards) to do the tensile test, ventilation test, to ensure the safety of each escalator skirt brushes not crooked or oblique, no light leakage; The tension of the brush should be more than 6kg to ensure that the brush will not lose. Mr. Liu then sent samples to Mr. Yue and told him that these escalator skirt brushes have been successfully used in the escalator of schindler, Hitachi and other international brands. Mr. Yue immediately said that he was looking forward to cooperating with us. After receiving the samples, he added us to their supplier list.

On the third day, Mr. Yue contacted Mr. Liu after receiving the sample and reported: "My manager has seen the sample, and after testing the sample tension, he personally asked me to introduce AOQUN into their supplier system immediately, and the system will immediately place an order of 20 sets of escalator skirt brushes after the system is finished. There will be more than 2000 sets of escalator skirt brushes soon. All the orders will be placed to AOQUN.

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AOQUN Escalator Skirt Brushes Are A Wise Choice for Brand Elevator Manufacturers
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