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Aoqun Large Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brush - Your Smart Choice

Aoqun Large Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brush - Your Smart Choice

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Ben from Australia said he found us on the Alibaba. He wants to buy a batch of large surgical instrument cleaning brushes. Ben said that he had previously purchased it from a Chinese manufacturer, but the quality of the surgical instrument cleaning brush was very poor, and it lost filament after use and was not durable. He is very worried about this. Ben asked us if we could provide him a good quality large surgical instrument cleaning brush.

We told Ben that we are experts in the manufacture of brushes and there is absolutely no problem in meeting his requirements. Ben then sent us the pictures and drawings of the large tube. On one hand, our colleagues in the technical department said that although the specifications of the surgical instrument cleaning brush are relatively large, there is no problem in making it. On the other hand, we have purchased quality filament to meet the quality and use requirements of Ben. After 7 days, we smoothly made the sample according to Ben's specifications and repeated trials, no loosing filament after repeat using. Then we sent them to Ben.

A month later, we received Ben's email again. Ben said that the market feedback was very good after the large-sized surgical instrument cleaning brush was put into use. The cleaning is simple and convenient and the cleaning effect is also very good. It is important that no filament loss. Ben also said that he has received a lot of customer reservation orders. Later we received an order from Ben for 8,000pcs.

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Aoqun Large Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brush - Your Smart Choice
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