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AOQUN-Pass Ul94 Flame Retardant Certified of 1u Brush Cable Management

AOQUN-Pass Ul94 Flame Retardant Certified of 1u Brush Cable Management

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Receiving this demand, the salesman Xiao Zhang immediately telephoned Andy to learn more about its application requirements. Andy is looking for a 1u brush cable management to seal the bottom, side and top of the cabinet door. Due to the application characteristics of the cabinet industry, 1u brush cable management is required to pass UL94 flame retardant certification. This is not to be missed. Aoqun focuses on the development and certification of raw materials. It has already passed UL94’s highest level V0 flame retardant certification, and has also passed RoHS, SVHC environmental protection certification. Our flame retardant 1u brush cable management has long-term cooperation with well-known brands of cabinets at home and abroad, allowing Andy to rest assured. After confirming Andy’s company information, Xiao Zhang immediately issued UL94 flame retardant certification to Andy.

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AOQUN-Pass Ul94 Flame Retardant Certified of 1u Brush Cable Management
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