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Aoqun Teaches You To Use Medical Instrument Cleaning Brush Correctly

Aoqun Teaches You To Use Medical Instrument Cleaning Brush Correctly

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Mr. Grand from Iceland contacted us through Alibaba and said they needed to find good quality and soft medical instrument cleaning brush. The brushes they had purchased from other manufacturers not only broke easily, but also crack their medical instruments, which caused them a great loss. Therefore, he hopes that we can provide him with a good quality medical instrument cleaning brush and send him samples.

We got to know the diameter of Mr. Grand's medical instrument cleaning brush was much larger than that of the medical instrument they were going to clean. Moreover, when they used the brush to clean the medical instrument, they did not flush the residual liquid in the medical instrument first, which led to many of the bristles being corroded. We explained to Mr. Grand: "the diameter of the medical instrument should match the size of the brush. If it is too large, it will easily crack the medical instrument. Therefore, we should not go for convenience. In case of acid, alkali or corrosive drugs, the medical instrument should be diluted or rinsed before using the brush, and then rinse the inside and outside of the medical instrument with clean water. We have sent a suitable sample to Mr. Grand according to the medical instrument diameter provided by him.

A week after receiving our sample, Mr. Grand called us and said, "your brushes are very good. Thank you for telling us the correct way to use the medical instrument cleaning brush. I didn't know that our previous usage was always wrong. Thank you. Because of your specialty, we have decided to place an order for 3000pcs brushes with you.”

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Aoqun Teaches You To Use Medical Instrument Cleaning Brush Correctly
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